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Y's WISH Emergency Shelter

Crisis Line 905-576-2997

or 1-888-576-2997

Emergency Shelter

Y's WISH Shelter opened its doors in 2003 and has been a safe haven and support for thousands of women and children ever since. No matter what stage of the pandemic, we are open. We are an essential service and follow the strictest health region guidelines to keep our clients and staff safe. 


Y’s WISH stands for Women In Safe Housing. We will help you by offering a safe and secure temporary home in our 15 bed shelter. You and your children are welcome regardless of age, ethnicity or sexual orientation. We provide healthy meals and snacks, a comfortable room to sleep, clean washrooms, play room and family room - all in a secure setting. 


We can connect you with community agencies including housing, social services, employment, legal aid and more. Find out more about our transitional and outreach support.


We also offer short term crisis counselling for women and children in individual and group settings.


We can connect you to information, referrals and advocacy to ensure a smooth transition back into your community. Visit our links page for a list of area resources.

Contact our shelter administrative staff at 905-576-6743.


Our services include:

  • 15-bed shelter

  • Safety, security and support

  • Strict COVID-19 infection control protocols in place that include hand-washing, wearing masks, frequent cleaning, individual meals served, and more. We have adapted our programs and physical spaces to ensure the safety of clients and staff at all times.

  • Short-term crisis counselling

  • Safety planning for women and children

  • Access to community agencies including housing, social services, legal aid and more

  • In-house women’s groups

  • Supportive counselling for women and children, both individual and group settings

  • Information, referrals and advocacy

  • SafePet Affiliate Member - SafePet coordinates long- or short-term fostering options for the duration of your stay in shelter. Once you are ready, SafePet reunites you with your pet. 

One woman’s story


I grew up in an abusive home.

My father drank heavily and arguments were frequent and violent.

My mother was abused physically and emotionally and as children we were always afraid of the next “explosion” of anger. I was happy to get out at the age of 17.


I got married thinking that at last I would have a happy life. I quickly realized that I had exchanged one abusive home for another. I became pregnant and my partner ridiculed me for being fat and ugly. The names were harsh, but that soon escalated to pushing and shoving. I have had my nose broken, my arms bruised, and made many trips to the emergency room at the hospital.


I made a few attempts to start fresh, but without the support of my family and financial support I returned to my abuser. He would always promise it would be different, but it never was. As the abuse escalated, I began to fear for my children. I was deeply saddened to see them relive my childhood and knew I had to do something.


I finally got the courage to go to the shelter. I was embarrassed and ashamed, but when I arrived at the shelter they helped me to realize that the abuse was not my fault and that I had made the right decision for my children and myself. That first step gave me hope that my life could change and the staff at the shelter supported me while I found a new place to live a new, violence-free life. I don’t live with violence anymore and I know that other women and children deserve to have the same chance as I did.


You don’t have to live in an abusive relationship. There is help out there for you too.

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