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Recycling Program

Recycling program

Recycling Program Raises Funds and Reduces E-Waste


Think recycling is just for old newspapers and empty pop cans? Think again. YWCA Durham’s recycling program raises much needed funds and benefits the environment.


YWCA Durham’s environmental fundraiser is a simple, cost-free program that works with the community to help abused women and their children. By simply donating used, broken or unwanted cell phones, MP3 players, ink and laser cartridges, laptops and digital cameras, YWCA Durham earns funds that can be directed to essential programs dedicated to Durham Region’s most vulnerable women and children.


Collection ‘drop boxes’ are located at YWCA Durham’s administration office at 33 McGrigor Street in Oshawa.


YWCA Durham is also asking local businesses to initiate collection campaigns with employees, customers and vendors. We encourage businesses of all types to participate in this program.  Contact our office at 905-576-6356 for assistance.



Charity Car


YWCA Durham is also proud to partner with Charity Car. Save the planet and put your old vehicle to a good use that helps those less fortunate in your community.


Donate your old vehicle and receive:


  • A tax receipt

  • Fast and free pick up of your vehicle

  • 100% of the value of your vehicle goes directly to YWCA Durham

  • Peace of mind – Charity Cars do all the paperwork and dispose of cars in an eco-friendly manner


Making the choice to dispose of your vehicle in an environmentally safe way that benefits YWCA Durham is one of the best decisions you could make – feel good and help women and children facing some of life’s most difficult challenges. You could even end up saving money on your tax return.

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